What is the Living Music Report?

The Living Music Report is a survey of musical programming within the Major Performing Arts Organisations of 2019. The survey records and summarises information on every work played across 2019, capturing key information on composers, pieces and more. For this report, the ensembles surveyed are:

  • Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra
  • Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • Musica Viva
  • Queensland Symphony Orchestra
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
  • West Australian Symphony Orchestra

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The Living Music Report’s data is free, available for use and open to corrections.

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Key Findings

Out of the 2006 works performed across 2019 by Australia’s Major Performing Arts Organisations:

  • 3% were written by female composers
  • 9% were written by Australian composers
  • 19% were written by living composers
  • 0.45% were written by CALD Australian composers 
  • 0.05% were written by First Nations composers
  • Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart all individually featured more times than all female composers combined.
  • More pieces had the word ‘violin’ in them than were written by female composers.

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Creator & Writer: Ciaran Frame

Designer: Thought & Found

Inspired by Ian Whitney‘s brilliant ‘Whitney Report

Media Pack and plain-text documents available here.